evrbit proudly presents the re:publica contemporary network art project

Welcome to Europe's most inspiring conference on internet and society. Join YANA today to help us create a stunning interactive network for re:publica's 10th anniversary!
It is the most impressive way to create the global moment of empathy and a world wide visible communication of the feeling against the isolation

Amazing Features

evrbit YANA app features

Globe mode

View all active users around the globe. Rewind the last 24/48/96/192 hours. See the latest messages.

Info Page

Here you find actual news and updates. During the launch phase we will show the re:puplica news feed.


Screen name, upload a photo, live status message, share vCard, select public/private mode.


Find people around you with name and picture. Become a buddy by holding both mobiles together for a few seconds.


Interact with other YANA users, connect to local sensors and interactive media at the conference.

Drop a Message

Tilt your phone in landscape mode. Drop and monitor messages around the globe.

MISSION #1: Drop A Light

Your current location creates a light beam on planet Earth. The location history generates impressive waves over time. See how the re:publica conference brings people together around the world. Your personal journey will be integrated into the global and local activities on the YANA Earth visualizer and other installations during the conference. Use the app as a door opener and see how you impact the spaces around you. Registered users can create a profile to personalize their experiences. At the conference you can use location tools to share your profile with others and interact with the environment simply by being there.

  • Handy feature: Look up people around you – share your vCard by simply knocking on another mobile.

YANA on re:publica

for our launch we are happy to integrate the re:publica website into our globe view. Also the re:publica guests can use YANA to find and connect to your buddies.

Mission #1: Drop A Light

A view on the re:publica website creates a light beam on the YANA globe and saves it to the history. See how the wave of interest pulsates over the globe.

Mission #2: Create a Profile

The mobile app enables re:publica visitors to create their own patterns. Read the latest news. Update status messages and setup professional contact details. Create a digital representation in YANA.

Mission #3: Share and Play

Use the "nearby" feature to share contact details at the conference. Watch live streams from re:publica stages and interact with the media environment. Create a massive multiuser experience at the Kühlhaus.

Some screens

YANA is still in beta mode. Everything is still in progress.

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